Anyone with a hint of curl, kink or texture in their locks knows that finding a hairdresser who caters to your mane is a rare thing indeed. In a world where a good haircut can be as elusive as a good flat iron, it is vitally important to find a hairdresser who understands how to work with wavy and curly hair to ensure that your cut is flattering, low-fuss and easy to manage at home.

Luckily, Melbourne is bursting with a handful of curly hair specialists, each committed to delivering beautiful results in a friendly environment where curlies can feel confident and supported. Whether you are looking for a new style, a trim or a full head of colour, these experts have got your back – and your hair.

Mousey Brown & Co

A curly girl herself, mousey brown is the founder of one of the most well-respected curly hair specialist salons in Australia. Her ethos is all about minimising fuss and maximising impact with your hair. She and her team use a deconstructed method of dry cutting, which works particularly well with curly hair and allows her to create shapes that flatter your natural form.

Studio Hi Gorgeous

A self-confessed curl queen herself, Elise from studio hi gorgeous is a true expert when it comes to working with curly hair. Her home based salon is dedicated to creating gorgeous hair in a warm and welcoming environment and is the only curly specialist salon in the Gippsland area. She uses a technique called ‘Deva cuts’, which is a precision dry cut for curly hair that caters to each individual curl to lift them and release the drag that pulls your hair down, leaving you with beautiful, loose and flowing locks. curly hair specialist melbourne

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