Corporate wellness coaches help companies bring health and wellness programs into the workplace. They work with employees to help them develop healthy habits that can lead to increased productivity, higher quality of life, reduced medical costs and improved employee morale. They are also trained to conduct biometric health screenings and to help employees make sense of the results.

Whether your passion is to teach people how to make healthier food choices, help them get better sleep, feel more focused and in control of their stress levels or to learn how to manage a busy schedule, you can use this knowledge to create your own successful wellness coaching business. As a coach you can choose to provide one-on-one sessions or group seminars, both of which have the potential to bring great rewards to your clientele and your bank account.

Companies know that they are inadvertently incentivizing unhealthy behaviors in their workforce and want to encourage their staff to improve their health and wellbeing at work. However, many don’t know how to start or who to turn to for help. This is where a qualified and experienced corporate wellness coach comes in!

A corporate wellness coach works with a company to create, implement and monitor a comprehensive health and wellness program for their employees. They are also responsible for the marketing and promotion of these programs. This includes creating and conducting lunch and learn webinars as well as running and managing fitness classes at the company onsite. They are also expected to provide annual reports to the employer regarding employee participation in the wellness programs.

In addition to the day-to-day duties of a corporate wellness coach, they are also required to have excellent organizational and communication skills. They need to be able to meet deadlines as well as be flexible and creative in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their clients.

It is important for a wellness coach to be knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition, exercise and sleep as these are often the root causes of many employee health issues. A good wellness coach will also be able to identify when their client’s health is being negatively impacted by another factor such as a medical condition or emotional distress.

As a certified corporate wellness coach you will be able to understand the unique needs of each individual company and tailor your programs accordingly. For example, some employers may have a specific budget in mind, while others might prefer to focus on an overall company wide goal of improving employee morale and performance at work. Whatever the case, you will be able to meet these needs with confidence and help each individual company reach their goals. This is an exciting and rewarding career for anyone who wants to work with their hands as well as their hearts.

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