Shape-retaining cooling elements are used in the transport of goods that need to be chilled (or conditioned). norcold rv refrigerators They are often used in supermarkets, fish and meat wholesale, web shops and medical applications.

Cooling Element

A cooling element consists of two layers of foil material, between which a liquid-absorbing, vapour-releasing layer is accommodated. The welded connections fastening these layers to each other form a compartment, which is in liquid communication with a buffer reservoir via at least one flow restriction. The buffer reservoir has a maximal volume that is essentially equal to the liquid volume of the absorbing vapour-releasing material when this material is saturated with liquid, and this helps to obtain precisely one filling of the absorbed vapour without a water pocket.

The buffer reservoir and the flow restrictions are formed by means of a single, low-cost welding operation. This also saves on the overall production process and reduces the time required for curing, compared to a connection achieved with glue or stitching.

There are different types of cooling element: C15, C24 and C28 – each of which has its own special characteristics and offers a specific range of temperature conditions that it is capable of maintaining over a given period of use. All three have been tested in the field and offer reliable performance under a variety of conditions.

In order to make the optimum choice for your application, it is important to determine what type of product you want to keep cool and how it will be transported. Depending on the application, you may need to choose from a wide range of models and sizes available in the market.

Cooling Elements from De Ridder Packaging

The various shapes and sizes of cooling elements from De Ridder Packaging are adapted to the needs of different sectors. This ensures that each of these products can be transported in a cooled state, while still being protected from outside influences and damage.

Examples of cooling elements from De Ridder Packaging include a cooling vest with cooling element for 400 grams, a small and compact cooler for food or drinks, and the Ameda Igloo cooler pack that works as part of the Ameda Mya breastfeeding equipment to help you pump milk on the go.

The cooled elements from De Ridder Packaging are designed to provide optimal performance. They are made of durable, reusable materials that will remain cool for a long period of time, and can be recharged in the same way as other cooling devices. This makes them a practical solution for a wide range of applications.

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