Cloud gavel is a powerful tool that enables law enforcement officers to create and send warrants for review and approval on the go from their mobile devices. The system also enables law enforcement officials to track warrant status, search warrants by date and address, and reduces errors in paperwork and procedure.

A leading eWarrant solution, cloud gavel streamlines and expedites the process by enabling public safety personnel to use any internet-capable device to log in and generate a warrant while they’re on the scene. The eWarrant is then instantly sent to the judge or DA for digital review and approval. This allows law enforcement officers to focus on apprehension and arrests, rather than the time-consuming processing of paperwork. It is the market-leading eWarrant solution in the nation and has helped to reduce crime in many communities across the country.

FusionStak has partnered with the National Command and Staff College to provide law enforcement officers with access to advanced leadership training on an online platform through the CloudGavel Academy. This partnership will help officers to better advance in their careers by allowing them to obtain critical certifications on demand.

XIRA continues to enhance GAVEL with innovative functionality (including electronic payment acceptance and coming soon – electronic signature capabilities) to enable solo practitioners and small law firms to spend more time on billable work for clients. By eliminating the need for attorneys to use multiple different software solutions, GAVEL increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. cloud gavel

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