Cabinets are a significant investment and it’s important to make smart choices. Having an accurate price estimate and understanding the process is essential for avoiding unexpected costs down the road.

Stock cabinets cost $60-$100 per linear foot and are prefabricated with minimal customization. They often include particleboard construction and thin veneers with limited style options. Pros: They’re a cost-saving choice and perform fairly well in our durability tests. Cons: They can quickly warp, sag or loosen due to the assembly line process and use of substandard materials. They also lack the customization of semi-custom or custom options.

Semi-custom cabinets cost $100-$650 per linear foot and offer a selection of configuration choices that can be customized to fit the customer’s preferences. The customizations are a bit more extensive than with stock options and can include front styles, increased depth or width, extended stiles and matching interiors. Pros: They can be a great solution for those who don’t require a completely personalized look but still want more customization than standard models provide.

Custom cabinets are a step above semi-custom and cost $500-$1,200 per linear foot. They are crafted to exact specifications using precision millwork and skilled craftspeople. The custom designs and finishes can be quite elaborate which adds to the overall cost.

The best way to find out what your project will entail is to contact local companies for a free quote. Ask for detailed CAD engineering drawings to ensure that the final product matches your exact specifications. custom cabinets

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