When faced with drug-related charges, you must act quickly to find an experienced criminal attorney. A conviction for drug crimes can lead to expensive fines, the loss of driving privileges or professional licenses, and incarceration. An experienced New York drug crime lawyer will work to prevent a conviction and protect your future.

In the state of New York, a person can be charged with possession, sale and/or distribution of drugs, trafficking, and manufacturing. Possession is the most common of all drug offenses. This involves knowingly possessing illegal substances without a prescription, such as marijuana or methamphetamine. A person can also be charged with drug sale or distribution when he or she has possession of drugs and is offering them for sale to other individuals. In addition, a person can be charged with drug manufacturing when they are involved in the production of illegal drugs, such as when a person cooks methamphetamine or grows marijuana.

When choosing a New York drug charges lawyer, there are many things to consider, including specialized expertise, experience and credentials, communication style, accessibility, and fees. Trustworthy recommendations, reviews and your own instincts can be helpful in making a decision. Most criminal defense attorneys will offer free consultations to assess your case and determine how they might be able to help you. During the consultation, you should bring any documentation or correspondence from law enforcement with you. Some attorneys will work with clients on a payment plan to ease the burden of legal fees. drug charges lawyer

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