The 12 volt 20ah battery is the ideal drop-in replacement for a lead acid battery in most applications. These lithium batteries offer a quadruple energy density in the same casing as an AGM or flooded lead battery. This allows the charging system to stay unchanged while delivering superior power and safety.

Using the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, Canbat’s 12V batteries have been engineered to outperform sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries in many power applications. They are lighter in weight and have 10x the lifespan of SLA batteries. In addition, they can deliver more power for longer durations and operate in extreme weather conditions compared to SLA batteries.

The BMS embedded in the battery manages the individual cell voltages and optimizes the battery capacity by balancing the cells. It also monitors and controls the key operational parameters such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures to ensure high performance, safety and long battery life. The valve regulated, spill-proof design of this battery makes it safe to be used in any position and requires no addition of electrolyte during operation.

This battery is a perfect choice for electric wheelchairs and scooters because of its compact size and powerful capability. It is a sealed lithium battery that does not require any maintenance and can be installed in non-ventilated battery boxes. This Canbat battery is UL certified and has a limited warranty that covers the battery against defects in material and workmanship. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

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