When it comes to oversized bags, the thought of them may make you shudder. After all, the last time we saw them in mass quantity was during the early 2000s when – in hindsight – fashion was at its cringiest: oversized sunglasses, velour tracksuits and huge, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-inspired crocodile The Row totes. The giant carryalls became such a hallmark of the twin sisters’ style that Ellen DeGeneres even gifted them with a set of their own giant bags on a special episode of her show.

Since then, the bag industry has gone in another direction and now — finally — large bags are making a comeback. Also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), big bags are made from a woven PP plastic with loops on the top that can be used to lift them. They are used to store and transport bulk goods such as sand, gravel, grain, stone and waste. Unlike other bulk containers, a big bag is easily portable and can be moved around the workplace using forklifts, cranes or trucks.

Besides being easy to transport, big bags are very sturdy and have a high load bearing capacity. They are designed to handle high-density loads and the contents do not leak from them. The bags have a double-woven side seam and a reinforced bottom. They are also available with a variety of different options for the way the contents can be secured. For example, they can be fastened with lashing straps or with a combination of diagonal and cross lashing. In addition to the standard straight loops on the top of the bag, big bags can also be fitted with tunnel or reversible loops for easier handling.

For spring/summer 2023, designers have given the oversized trend a more stylish makeover. From Chloe’s oversized shoulder bag to Givenchy’s work-ready structured tote, the larger silhouette is a must-have this season.

Whether you’re an all-out maximalist or prefer to keep your style simple, we’ve got the right bag for you.

As with any style trend, it takes time for a big bag to become mainstream and catch on with consumers. But, with the right design and a good use case for such an extra-roomy accessory, the popularity of the trend is sure to grow.

Ultimately, though, it will be down to consumer spending power to determine whether big bags take off or not. If not, it is likely that the pendulum will swing back to a more minimal accessory size. Either way, a good big bag is a versatile accessory that can be used for any occasion and will do its core function of carrying stuff your bare hands and pockets cannot. And that’s a win in our book.

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