BERNAM Condo is a new mixed development located at Bernam Street in District 2, Singapore. It is a highly sought after location as it offers supreme connectivity and vibrant lifestyles at the heart of city living. The property is close to various grade-A office towers and numerous malls such as Icon Village, 100AM, Parco & Amara Shopping Centre attracting ready pool of quality expats tenants.

The property is currently on the Government Land Sale (GLS) confirmed list and can potentially yield up to 325 residential units. URA said it will allow higher Gross Plot Ratio (GPR) for the site under its CBD Incentive Scheme, which seeks to encourage more offices in the Central Business District to be converted into homes and hotels after hours, adding liveliness to the area after work.

Bernam is a name that means spiritual, domestic and gentle. Those born with this name are devoted to their family and home, often putting their own personal needs aside for the sake of those around them. They also make excellent caregivers, able to bring comfort and security to those around them. However, they should be careful not to overdo it and end up neglecting their own health and well-being in the process.

They are also very ambitious and competitive, making it their life’s goal to achieve greatness in their chosen fields. However, they are prone to self-destructive behaviours when under pressure, and should learn to manage their emotions better. They are also a little gullible and tend to believe the good intentions of others. one bernam

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