Real-time utility monitoring is a game-changing technology that empowers consumers to optimize energy consumption, contribute to a greener future and reduce carbon footprints. It also enables power companies to implement demand response programs, identify energy losses and proactively maintain equipment, and integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly into smart grid systems.

Most energy managers manage their buildings reactively, based on the information they receive via their utility bills. But, the data that is provided doesn’t tell them much about the cause of spikes in energy consumption or why last month’s bill was so drastically different to this month’s.

Using real-time data allows building managers to see what is happening in their facilities at the time of a spike, so they can quickly investigate what caused it and take action to fix it. This is a major advantage over other methods of data collection, which can only be looked at after 24 hours, and requires backtracking through the records to find the source of the problem.

The most obvious benefit of real-time data is the ability to proactively measure energy consumption and performance in your building. This enables energy managers to understand how their building performs, and what the best ways are to cut costs and save energy in their facility. real-time utility monitoring

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