Real-time utility monitoring delivers data that’s instantly available to help your people make better decisions and take corrective action. It finds instances of waste, inefficiency, error or neglect that you may not discover from interval energy data alone and helps ensure compliance with demand response and other time-sensitive energy rates.

Insight beyond Interval Meter Data
Our eGauge is a CT meter that displays your energy data on a web page in real-time. It can detect unexpected energy patterns such as equipment usage, demand charges or loss of renewable energy production. You get alerts via text and email that are user-definable to trigger for any threshold value you choose. This allows you to respond to a problem immediately rather than waiting for a utility bill that is often too late.

Anomaly detection and early warnings reduce downtime and repair costs. This also allows for the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources into the grid to increase energy efficiency.

Improved Grid Reliability
Combined with advanced analytics, real-time tracking enables smarter grid operations including identifying congestion points and optimizing energy distribution. It also enables advanced DR strategies and more effective participation in ancillary services programs as well as identifying hidden energy waste.

Preventive Maintenance
With remote control and automation features, real-time monitoring enables utilities to remotely operate and monitor devices such as switches, reclosers and arrestors. This eliminates manual inspection and maintenance, saving both labor and operating costs. In addition, by analyzing historical data and performance history, predictive analytics can identify potential failures and their causes. This allows maintenance to be performed at the right time and helps maximize return on investment on all capital projects. real-time utility monitoring

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