The Harrington family can now use their conservatory any time of day thanks to a new tiled roof. Their old glass conservatory roof would only allow them to use the room in warm summer months, turning it into a hot box that ruined their enjoyment of the space. Now with a solid conservatory roof, the whole room will be able to be used all year round and they can transform it into an office, playroom, or guest bedroom.

Our tiled roofs are manufactured by Ultraframe and come in a wide range of colours to match your existing property. These modern roof tiles are tough and independent, allowing them to stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. They can also be fitted with modern Velux-style windows to allow your conservatory to flood with natural light.

Our Leka roof panels are manufactured with high-quality materials that can be customised to your South Wales home. This includes a wide range of different colour options as well as glazing panels. As they are pre-fabricated, these panels can be installed a lot faster than traditional slate or clay tiles. This can help keep installation times down and create less disruption to your daily life.

This is because the panels are cut, pressed and made to exact sizes so they fit under your existing roof rafter. This is crucial as it means the replacement roof won’t damage your current lead flashings or guttering systems.

Not only will your conservatory benefit from the increased thermal efficiency of a new solid roof, but it will help to reduce your energy bills too. This is because your new roof will effectively keep the heat in your extension, rather than letting it escape out through your existing windows. With a new solid roof from Danke, you can expect your heating costs to fall by up to 50%.

You don’t need planning permission to have a new solid conservatory roof installed, but you will need Building Regulatory Approval. This is because you will be changing the classification of your conservatory from a “temporary structure” to a permanent room that needs to meet certain safety standards.

A new roof will ensure your conservatory is fully insulated, keeping it comfortable in the winter and reducing glare in the summer. This will mean you can use the space all year round, making it a proper living area that you and your family can enjoy.

In addition to allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in all weathers, a new roof will give it a much higher value. This is because a new solid roof will enable you to convert your conservatory into an additional bedroom, office, playroom or dining room. This will increase the resale value of your house and can help it to sell more quickly, especially in times when the housing market is slow. To find out more about a new conservatory roof or to request a quote, get in touch with our team today. conservatory roofs south wales

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