Bamboo has been in existence since thousands of years and has been the plant of choice for ancient Chinese civilizations for creating many useful products. They have been a significant source of food, building materials and even of religious significance especially in South East Asia. It is known to have a tensile strength that competes with steel and a compressive strength that rivals even other woods, bricks and concrete. They are the fastest growing plants in the world.

Ancient civilizations most notably the Chinese utilised bamboo strips to document notes which have survived till today. They were used as standard writing materials. In the modern age also bamboo pulp produced in Malaysia, China, India and Thailand is used to produce printing and writing paper.

Several Asian weapons also were made including staves called “gatkas” in Indian martial arts and Japanese swords called as shinai.

Japanese culture has imbibed it into making every utensils as well and bamboo musical instruments can be found still relevant.

In today’s world of multiple uses and variety of alternatives, bamboo still holds its place as a formidable material. There are more than thousands of products created such as clothes, bicycles, utensils, frames, building materials and so on. So much so Thomas Edison used the bamboo as a filament for his light bulb.

Bamboo today is being used a reinforcements while building roads, especially in states like Orissa these have been experimented with. Bamboo shoot is said to help kidney illnesses. Its roots and leaves are said to treat venereal diseases and cancer. Many low cost housing can be successfully made out of bamboo in villages and remote areas. Accessories for women which are trendy in nature and more natural can be made into the shape of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and various types of jewellery.

The easiest common use of bamboo is scaffoldings seen in under construction buildings. Bamboo panels – especially flooring is in demand due to it’s marble like structure. Beautiful and intricate handcrafted furniture especially for outdoor seating is easily built from bamboo. Bamboo is now an integral part of oriental rugs.

Bamboo cloth is found to be antibacterial even after 50 washes – hence has even come useful in bamboo diapers. Children’s toys is another product where bamboo contributes immensely.

Even a type of beer is created out of bamboo which is quite famous for its flavour in South East Asia.

Bamboo experts have been experimenting with this material and have found uses even in garment and automotive industry, flooring boards, veneers (almost as thin as 0.2 mm!).

Bamboo is now also widely used in bio-energy industry as a fuel. Many sports and recreation items also have their new age thanks to bamboo.

Though not a product, Bamboo is known to convert almost 35% more carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is the best product it can provide. As it is widely said in Asia adage “You are born in a bamboo cradle and die in a bamboo coffin”. women’s bamboo leggings

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