You go to a department store, drug stores and you surf the internet and you see a lot of anti aging creams all promising a youthful look. Do they really work? Do they really have the capability to prevent the damages or reverse the effects caused by the sun? Do they really reduce the wrinkles that come with environmental and age factors? Let us evaluate this in this article.

There are many studies that are performed by scientists before they consider an ingredient powerful and efficient in these types of creams. Unfortunately, there are also cases wherein an anti aging cream also contains ingredients that did not really pass this process. If you are one that is hunting for a face lift stored in a bottle and stored in the department stores without the need for prescriptions, you might be in for a great disappointment. However, they may truly have the capability to improve your skin, albeit slightly, but it all depends on how long have you been diligently using the product and the type of cream you have been using. In most cases, it is not only the price that indicates its efficiency, you really have to look at the ingredients and find one that really suits your type of skin.

The common ingredients of anti aging cream

All of these result to a slight up to moderate improvement in your wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Hydroxyl acids – these are all synthetic versions of acids that are from fruits with high amount of sugar. Examples of these are alpha hydroxyl acids, poly hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids.

Retinol – a vitamin A compound which was one of those first ingredients that you found with anti aging cream that do not need prescriptions to purchase. These antioxidants are used to neutralize the free radicals that are common such as those that are responsible for breaking down the cells and for causing wrinkles. This Retinol when compared to vitamin A is less potent. It has a derivative called tretinoin but this one is only available when there is a prescription.

Coenzyme Q10. This is a nutrient that is responsible for the regular production of energy in cells. This is very good in reducing fine wrinkles that are found around the eyes and has been known to have no negative effects. This ingredient is also good in protecting the skin against the sun.

Copper peptides. Copper can be traced in each and every cell. If applied to the skin, it is mixed with peptides and is responsible for fasting healing of the wound. They also can produce collagen and enhance the antioxidants.

Tea extracts. Extracts such as those found on the tea – green, oolong and black – has antioxidants and also anti inflammatory properties. In anti aging cream for example, the most common is the green tea extracts.

Kinetin – is the one in charge of improving the appearance of wrinkles as well as pigmentation of the skin. It retains the moisture on the skin and regulates the production of collagen. careprost

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