Managing senior care costs can be challenging.

A number of options are available to help lower your cost of care.
This article is a brief overview of mutuelle senior, one of those options.
During the reporting period, KASMA provided burial benefits to its members upon their death by paying a portion of funeral expenses directly to the funeral home and providing additional burial ceremony assistance according to a Korean tradition. KASMA did not pay these benefits to nonmember seniors who died with or without surviving family members and who left little money to cover burial expenses.

You never want to think about it, but ideally, you should. Or your untimely demise may cause grave financial implications (apart from the grievance) to your dependants, compelling them to lead a miserable after-you life. Death is uncertain, and the best you can do for the good of your loved ones (financial dependants) after you are gone is – purchasing the most suitable life insurance plan, that comfortably covers the needs and requirements of your dependants. But do you realize when the right time to buy a life insurance is, or you too, are among the confused populace? Well, ask any life insurance agent and you’ll hear -“Now!”

Generally speaking, there is no preset age to take out a life insurance policy; however it depends on personal needs and future requirements of your dependants.

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